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6 Reasons To Watch The New Season of RHOBH

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are coming back to our screens in a little over a month and their new teaser trailer gives us very little reason to tune in. Last season Lisa Rinna sacrificed herself to make good TV but this season it looks like the main drama will be around LVP/Kyle/Dorit's friendship. If your like us and you thought that this season looks like one massive yawn, then take a look at our six reasons to watch the new season below!

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1. Camille Grammar's Return

Saint Camille had one of the toughest first seasons in history and returned in her second season with a divorce from Kelsey and an image to repair. Camille handed her diamond back to Bravo after two seasons but she has appeared in guest appearances in almost every season since. Now Camille is officially a "friend" of the housewives for season eight and she has a new man and a whole lot of money that she just got from her ex Kelsey. Camille is WINNING life right now!

2. Newbie Teddi Mellencamp

The trailer didn't show us much of the newcomer but she is no shrieking violet. Country music star John Mellencamp's daughter doesn't look like she has an easy entry into the group as the trailer shows her having harsh words with Rinna and Erika. She's pretty, rich and has strong opinions so she looks like a promising real housewife, let's hope that Teddi delivers this season.

3. Luxurious Cast Trips (New York & Berlin)

Beverly Hills has never been the most dramatic franchise but they make up for it by being the richest. They have the best homes, cars and cast trips. This season the girls jetted off to Las Vegas with Adrienne Maloof, New York for fashion week and Berlin for an Erika Jayne gig. Lisa Rinna and Erika are also headed to Tokyo for Rinna's model daughters. How do these girls not get jet lagged?

4. Erika Jayne. Do We Have To Say More?

Ever since Miss Jayne burst onto the BH scene back in season 6 she has been the undeniable breakout star and has snatched LVP's crown out of her hands. Erika supplies us with snatched looks, shade, drama and her fabulous double life. If you have no other reason to watch the show, just watch for Erika because she knows how to give us some good TV.

5. Momager Lisa Rinna Lisa Rinna is channelling her inner Kris Jenner in the new season by being a momager to her two model daughters. They may not be the Hadid sisters but they are making serious coin all over the world and Rinna is lapping it up. She nows how to hustle baby! The trailer didn't show Rinna getting involved in any drama this year but knowing Rinna she will give us some epic memorable one liners.

6. Three Competitive Bitches

From the trailer it looks like the major drama of the season will be around Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and Dorit's friendship. In traditional RHOBH history, the girls tend to turn on LVP in even seasons and it looks like the eighth season is no exception. Seeing three grown women fight about who is better friends with who isn't the ideal drama I want to watch, but I'm interested to see how it all unfolds, especially since Lisa and Kyle have had a strict alliance in past seasons.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres December 19 at 9/8c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a glamorous season!

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