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KUWTK Recap: Cleveland Mascot

Keeping Up With The Kardashians | Season 14, Episode 6

After Scott slept with half of Cannes last week, the girls spent most of this episode bitching about Kourt's baby daddy's bad behaviour, which was clearly a retaliation to his ex's new boyfriend. Kourt gave zero fucks about Scott's attention seeking ways and spilled the tea to Khloe that she met her boo Younes in Paris Fashion Week last year but their night was cut short when Kim got robbed. Yeah it turns out you can't flirt with a new guy when your sister is being tied up at gunpoint. Although Younes did stay around and helped translate through the whole ordeal. Good for you, Younes!

After it was established that Kourt couldn't care less about Scott's sexacapades, Kim invited him over to talk about the issue he created. Scott threw himself a pity party like he normally does and said all the right things we needs to, in order to earn his paycheck. YUCK! Somehow Kim assured him that he is still apart of the family so this encouraged him to hang out with the girls at Khloe's house. Scott kissed his kids on the lips which made me think that those kids need to be tested, they don't know what diseases he could be carrying! He also spilled the tea that he would "artificially" have another baby with Kourtney but I don't think that needs to happen.

While Scott was crying and potentially giving syphillis to his children, Kim was fighting her own battle. If you have been keeping up this season, then you would know that she has been majorly insecure since her Mexico bikini pics were leaked. Due to her body dysmorphia she enlisted this female body builder to try and get her body into shape which meant that she had to say goodbye to her beloved junk food.

If you are a fan of the show than you know that Kim can EAT! Before she had to start her strict new diet, Kim took Khloe and her fame whore bestie Jonathan all over New York to get some delicious, greasy food. They stopped at two pizza stores which were crowded with people as soon as Miss Kardashian West set foot inside and then to end their feast they got ice creams which were bought by Jonathan because I don't think the camera crew wanted to deal with Kim surrounded by another crowd of fans. After this food binge Kim started her new firm diet.

While Kim was eating kale and doing squats, she began to distance herself from Jonathan who is a major foodie. He ordered bread at a restaurant, but Kim kept her willpower and said no to the carbohydrates. This whole storyline annoyed me - life is short, just eat the fucking bread! Before too long, Kim and Jonathan had to come up with a solution to their food problem. Jonathan promised to eat before he sees her so that there won't be any temptation. Ugh. He is such a fame whore, I can't.

The third storyline to this episode was when Kris, Kourt and Khloe all flew over to Cleveland. There must have been a riot or something at a previous Cavs game because even Kris' boo Corey was calling her, asking to not to go to the game. Alas, the girls all went to the game and cheered on Khloe's soon to be baby daddy, Tristan. I like Tristan. Kris obviously liked him too, maybe a little much. He sure as hell is a lot better than that trash box Lamar. Proceed with caution!

Although (surprise) Rob didn't come on the Cleveland trip and someone yelled "FUCK THE KARDASHIANS" while they were walking through the streets, it was pretty successful trip! That was basically everything that happened. Yeah, another boring episode but this is why I keep up with Kardashians so that you don't have to!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sunday at 9/8c on Bravo. Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the first family of reality TV!

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