Lamar Odom Collapsed In The Club After A Wild Night of Partying

Lamar Odom

The mess never stops for this struggling drug addict!

Word on the street is that Lamar Odom collapsed in an LA club after drinking all night long. The streets are saying that Lamar was in the VIP area when he just fell to the floor. Didn't it learn anything from nearly dying 2 years ago?

Security rushed over after he fell and apparently Lamar managed to regain consciousness. He was drinking all night which probably contributed to, you know, him being unconscious for a few minutes!! When will he learn?!

We previously reported a few weeks ago that Lamar was at a strip club on a Tuesday so I guess he is back to his old partying ways. I don't think Khloe Kardashian is going to be happy to hear this news, especially with her new baby on the way!

This tea comes almost exactly two years after Lamar was in a coma after overdosing in that Las Vegas brothel. Shady, shady boots!

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