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Porsha Williams' Gun and Louis Vuitton Luggage Was Stolen From Her Car!

Tea Drinkers gather round because this is one messy story!

Word on the street is that Porsha Williams' had her gun stolen. Sources are saying that Porsha's car was parked at her assistant's house when a man in a mask busted open her car window and stole her gun along with Louis Vuitton luggage that was also in the car. The mess!

Why does Porsha own a gun? She has beat 3 people up on camera, so imagine what Miss Freak could do off camera, with a gun?! Well it is America. The police are investigating the situation and Porsha wasn't left unarmed because she has another gun back at home! Shady boots!

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To be honest, I would be more pissed about losing the Louis V bags because that would of taken Porsha a lot of Bravo checks to pay off! Or maybe she was renting?

What do you think about this messy situation? Sound off in the comments below!