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Shade of the Week: Tom Cruise

I know it isn't 2004 anymore but I still want to talk about Tom Cruise.

Tom went from being a beloved heartthrob to a glorified nutcase. Although he has a lifetime of successful films on his resume, I think his most memorable and controversial role is being a member of The Church of Scientology. For years everyone has kind of ignored the mystery surrounding the church, even Tom's aggressive interview with Matt Lauer - but now with survivors speaking up and Leah's Remini's record breaking show, it proves that anyone who subscribes to the creepy church is obviously insane.

I'm not sure if Tom is crazy enough to truly believe in the churches beliefs of if he just loves the fame and attention that he receives from the members of his cult. Let's face it, fame is an addictive drug and when you are a celebrity in Scientology it is like heroin mixed with crack cocaine.

Tom Cruise is undeniably Scientology's biggest star and he treats people in the church in disgusting ways, knowing that they will get in trouble and that’s not okay. There’s too much power in such a small body. The “church” also admittedly broke up both his marriages with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. Oh god we haven’t even started talking about the dead beat dad stuff.

We’ve all heard the stories about how Tom hasn’t had a relationship or seen his daughter Suri in four years because she is no longer linked to the church. There was also that sneaky rule in his divorce with Katie which forbid her from dating publicly for five years. Well five years is up and everybody knows that it is going down with her and Jamie Foxx.

For Suri’s sake I hope that she can have a relationship with her dad in the future, but Tom is so absorbed in the Scientology bubble that he has built himself. Even if he did wake up one day and decided to leave - he couldn’t. His friends, family, employees are all Scientologists. Once the leaders of the church drew such a prominent actor in, they pulled out the stops to ensure that Tom will never leave and now he won’t.

At least Suri has Jamie to be her new dad and that’s all that matters. I just hope that when Tom’s career has gone tumbling down that he doesn’t come running back to Katie and Suri to help bail him out. Also Tom, we all know that you wear lifts. The secret is out little guy!

I love hearing from my fellow Tea Drinkers, so comment below your opinion on Tom and let me know what you think of him.

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