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Shade of the Week: Jonathan Cheban AKA Foodgod

Jonathan Cheban is officially joining our two timers shade of the week club, along with Taylor Swift's skinny ass. It takes a lot to be our dedicated shade twice, but I have a lot to say about Mr Cheban.

Along with being a thirsty fame leecher and a Botched reject, it looks like Jonathan is also adding crazy to his list of shady adjectives. Word on the street is that he is legally changing his name to "Foodgod." YEP! Legally. Cue the eye roll!

Kim Kardashian's BFF said that "fans" call him Foodgod in the streets and run up to him in restaurants calling him Foodgod so he decided he wants that to be his name 24/7. Okay, someone probably called him Foodgod as a joke once and then Jonathan ran with it to get some media attention. This is a publicity stunt if I've ever seen one.

How is he going to introduce himself? "Hi my name is Foodgod, nice to meet you!" The mess is too much for me. Couldn't he at least be grammatically correct and throw in a capital letter and spell it Food God. This latest stunt makes him even more of a social climber because Kanye West is the guy that gave him the name. If one of his friends that wasn't famous gave him that name, I bet he wouldn't of used it.

His name is one thing but can we talk about his face? If you do a little google investigation and look up Jonathan's before and after pictures, his face isn't that bad. Sure. his nose was a little big but who's isn't. A bunch of botox and a plastic surgery addiction later and Jonathan's face is an eyesore whenever it manages to pop up on a scene of KUWTK. I know the Kardashian's are no strangers to a little nip and tuck but Jonathan takes it to a new extreme.

Also it's 2017, is he going to come out or not? He isn't fooling anyone, don't you guys remember when he Kris Humphries questioned him and then he suddenly had a "girlfriend." He could be asexual? Maybe when he does come out, he won't look down on everyone else and he might actually be a nice person who isn't vain and superficial and lashes out at his "fans" on social media? I said maybe.

What do you think of his legal name change to Foodgod? Sound off in the comments!

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