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Southern Charm Season 5 Filming Tea!

The Charleston gang is officially back together for another round of Southern drama.

Over the last couple months Bravo cameras have rolled out across the South Carolina city to film the fifth season of Southern Charm. The whole crew is back except Landon Clements who never recieved her Bravo contract, so it looks like she can go off and play with the dolphins. Shep Rose, Austen Kroll and newly single Craig Conover have all been super close during this season of filming.

Cameran Eubanks is expecting her baby any day now because that little goober is well over cooked. Her main storyline this season will be her pregnancy and new baby but it's unknown how much her baby will be featured on the show considering her husband Jason avoids Bravo cameras like the plague. Cam also had a baby shower for the show where Whitney gave her a cake that showed her exactly what to expect in labour, check it out in the slideshow below.

Since last seasons reunion, Kathryn Dennis confirmed that her and Thomas Ravenel have had sex but he now has a new boo. Her name is Ashley Jacobs and it looks like she'll be taking Landon's spot as a Southern Charmer. Kathryn is definitely not gonna be happy about that.

In the last few days the gang has been spotted in Shep's home town of Hilton Heads. Everybody went fishing together and the guys also went for a round of golf, the streets are saying that the cast are staying there for a couple of nights. Fans were also happy when Craig and Kathryn posted a photo together. Could they be the next couple? He recently kicked Naomi's nagging ass to the curb so maybe Kathryn and her bleach blonde hair could slide in?

Whitney and his mom Patricia are also expected to appear along with recurring characters J.D. Madison and others from the Southern Charm family. Not too many details of the drama have been leaked so we can expect a very unexpected season.

Shep's dating spinoff show Relationshep also airs December 4th after the premiere of Vanderpump Rules.

Are you excited for the new season? Sound off in the comments and check out pictures of the new season in the gallery below!

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