KUWTK Recap: Beautiful Dysfunction

This episode was another slow week. I guess I just don't enjoy the Kardashians like I used to. Kim is launching her first ever makeup line that she has owned herself which rivals Kylie's billionaire dollar business. Kimmie claimed that Kylie was okay with her sister trying to steal her thunder but I would be SO annoyed! Kim's contouring brushes look like dildos and are probably more expensive than a down payment on a house, but I support Kim.

The major drama was the backlash that Kim got from her KKW Beauty photoshoot. Haters were saying that it was blackface which is so dumb. Kim was tanned and the filter made her look a bit darker but if anything the sides of her face just looked contoured, wasn't that the point? The world has become so hyper sensitive and stupid so I hate it whenever people come for Kim over the smallest things. Seriously Kim exclusively loves Black men, has mixed babies and has spoken up against racism so does anyone really believe that she was trying to do blackface? Girl bye!

Kim announced her launch on a Forbes magazine interview which just proves that she is a boss ass bitch and is a serious businesswomen with money. Seriously, for her launch party she transformed her entire house and had pink walls, stands, mirrors and a room made of roses. Now that is some serious coin! Good job Kim. Word on the street is that her brand hasn't been as successful as Kylie's but she is racking in millions so it can't be that bad. Aww, imagine having Kardashian coin.

Khloe spilled the tea that her and Tristan are moving to LA for the off season and everyone was super happy! Does this mean we get to see Tristan on the show more? Khloe was having anxiety over finding a house in the city for the lovebirds to live in. KhloMoney stopped by her momagers house in some big ass hoops to arrange a time to go house hunting but Kris had to decline because she was helping to plan Khloe's surprise party. Miss Jenner also had an Emmy sitting in her office but I have NO idea what she did to earn that. After Khloe vented to her friends, family and anyone else who would listen - Tristan told her it was fine if they just lived in Khloe's Calabasas mansion and not in the city. So I wasted 20 minutes of hearing Khloe bitch and moan for nothing. SMH.

Tristan also threw Khloe an epic surprise party. They are so cute together and I really hope she's pregnant. I wanna see her have some cute little mixed babies. Of course with the good comes the bad, and by bad I mean Scott. Lord Disick got wind of Khloe's surprise party and blamed Kourtney for not getting an invite. Kourt was in the middle of channelling her inner positivity and sprouting all these Hallmark card quotes as life advice so she wasn't ready to actually express her feelings to her baby daddy.

After a quick workout with Khloe, the mother of three realised that she has to use her emotions and actually say how she is feeling. She broke it down to Scott that he can't be invited to every family event when he is hating on her. Scott said it shouldn't be Kourtney's decision whether he goes to Khloe's birthday but Khloe is Kourtney's sister and she has to side with her. UGH, I am so sick of Scott. He needs to leave the show. The conversation didn't really reach a resolution and it looks like they are still going around their psycho ferris wheel. I swear they spent more time talking about the surprise party than showing the actual surprise party.

This is why I keep up with the Kardashians so that you don't have to!

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