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The Weeknd Spotted With Justin Bieber's Ex Girlfriend! Is He Trying To Get Back At Selena Gomez?

Is Hollywood's latest love pentagon about to become a hexagon?

We previously reported that The Weeknd was begging Bella Hadid to take him back, but it looks like he has moved on to the next girl. Word on the street is that The Weeknd is dating Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend Yovanna Ventura.

Over the weekend Abel (The Weeknd's real name) and Yovanna were spotted holding hands together and also made an appearance at French Montana's party. Sources are saying that The Weeknd was showing her off to everyone and that he wanted everybody to know that he is dating his rivals ex.

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This tea comes after The Weeknd's ex Selena Gomez rekindled her romantic relationship with her other ex, Justin Bieber days after splitting from The Weeknd. Did these two guys just swap their girlfriends?

Yovanna dated Justin back in 2015 and this is clearly a power move on The Weeknd's part. Selena embarrassed The Weeknd by moving on so quickly, so he's trying to hurt and Selena and Justin by getting with one of his ex boos. This is a CLEAR message!

The Weeknd's shots have been fired in this very passive aggressive cold war and we are just waiting for Jelena's clap back.

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