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A THIRD Woman Is Accusing Ed Westwick of Sexual Assault!

Well this hasn't been a good week for the Gossip Girl star!

A third accuser is now claiming that Ed Westwick sexually harassed her back in 2014. Rachel Eck is allegedly that the night before the Oscars her producer boyfriend asked her to hang out, and Ed was there.

Rachel is saying that Ed asked her to invite her own friends to come along, but because it was 2.30am no one was awake. When Ed found out that no other girls were coming, he apparently targeted Rachel and tried to kiss her and push her up against the wall. Ugh gross.

Even though Rachel kept pushing him off, he kept trying. When she had had enough of his handsy behaviour she told her producer boyfriend that she was leaving and he said that Ed didn’t mean it and that he wanted to apologise.

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Trying to be nice, Rachel went into the bedroom WITH HER BOYFRIEND to hear Westwick’s apology and he pushed her onto the bed and “aggressively groped her breasts.” Doesn’t he understand the meaning of no? Also, wouldn’t the boyfriend stop him? Rachel said she pushed him off and got the hell out of there.

We previously reported that TWO other girls accused Ed of rape, but he is denying any and all claims. It’s not like Ed Westwick is a big, famous actor so it is pretty random that these girls would “lie” that he raped them. If they were gonna lie wouldn’t they pick a bigger star, or just jump on the Weinstein blame train? I think Ed did it, where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

Do you think that Ed sexually harassed these three women? Sound off in the comments!

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