Kylie Jenner Is Pissed That Kim Kardashian Stole Her Thunder By Throwing Her Baby Shower The Day Bef

Little Miss LipKit isn’t happy!

Over the weekend Kim Kardashian threw her third lavish baby shower. Word on the street is that Kim transformed her house into a Japanese garden with cherry blossoms everywhere with her family and friends were in attendance.

Sources are saying that her sister, Kylie Jenner was pissed because she had been planning her shower for months and Kim planned hers at the last minute and threw it the day before. Apparently Kylie had a pyjama theme which successfully hid her growing baby bump. The streets say that Kylie thought it was ridiculous that Kim threw herself a baby shower when she isn’t even carrying the baby.

Momager Kris Jenner had to step in and calm Kylie down because she doesn’t want the family fighting, especially before the holidays and with three daughters pregnant and hormonal. Kim, Khloe and Kylie have all been bonding over this special time and Kris doesn’t want a baby shower to change that.

I would be pissed too! No word yet on if Khloe is having a baby shower, but it should be soon because all three sisters are due around the same time.

Sources are saying that the annual Kardashian Kristmas Kard is when the family are expected to announce that Khloe and Kylie are officially expecting, so stay tuned for that December debut!

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