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Kim Kardashian Didn't Invite Surrogate To Her Baby Shower

I didn't realise that The Real had such a big budget these days.

Kim Kardashian appeared on The Real, hosted by her brother's ex girlfriend Adrienne Bailon to promote her latest fragrance line and she spilled all the tea about her surrogate pregnancy.

The girls asked Kim about her baby shower and she dished that she decided not to invite her surrogate. Kim had only introduced the surrogate to her family that day and she didn't want to bring her along because she hasn't explained it to her kids. How else do her kids think they are getting a sibling? Kim obviously isn't pregnant.

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The surrogates identity is still unknown but she is getting so much coin, so I don't think she'll mind not attending the shower - even though she's the one carrying the baby for Kimye.

Kim also talked more about how her kids are getting ready for the baby and how she feels about North and Saint watching KUWTK in the future. She also had a very awkward exchange with Adrienne!

Check out those clips below and see Kim explain why she didn't invite the surrogate in the clip above. The full interview airs on November 16, check your local listings.

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