Stassi Schroeder Is Back Working At Sur In Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules

Stassi Schroeder's life really has gone full circle!

The new season of Vanderpump Rules airs on December and there will be lots of changes coming our way. According to sources, Stassi will be back working at Sur in the new season as an event planner, not a SURver. She would never serve people their crispy chicken again.

On the Bravo website, Stassi's descripton for the new season reads:

“Now that her relationship with Lisa is finally on the mend, Stassi makes a surprising return to SUR when she takes a job as the new event planner – despite the protests of her jealous former coworkers.”

It looks like Stassi and Lisa Vanderpump have become closer since their conversation at Katie's wedding last season. The blonde bombshell is also dealing with her on and off relationship with Patrick Meagher, who finally makes an appearance on the show this season.

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It will definitely be weird to see Stassi working at Sur and not just going there for the goat cheese balls or the free booze. What goes around comes around, and I guess Stassi is in need of a Sur pay check or maybe just a storyline.

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