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KUWTK Recap: Scribe

The Kardashians started the episode by heading down to the ice cream museum with their kids and Jonathan AKA Foodgod. Ugh, does anyone else groan whenever they see Jonathan’s botched face pop up in a scene? I’m not really sure how or why the ice cream museum was invented but it’s no museum. There’s no old statues or boring facts, there’s just a pool made of sprinkles with sugar and diabetes everywhere. After the girls were done pretending to eat their ice cream, because these size zero’s don’t actually consume food, they drove home via Skid Row which was the perfect segway for Kim’s humanitarian storyline to come out. Kim, Khloe and Kourt all reminisced about how their dad would take them down to Skid Row to look at all the homelessness (if you are a TRUE fan, then you would remember when Bruce took Kendall and Kylie down there a few years ago, before the lips and Caitlyn.)

Kris was having a bad time remembering all the facts and events of her large family so Miss Jenner went over to her doctor and instead of listening to his professional medical advice, she noticed his young, perky scribe in the back of the room documenting his every word. Kris being the problem solver that she is thought it would be a great idea to get her own scribe so that she’ll remember the things her kids tell her. Well Kris brought her personal scribe along to a family dinner and Khloe was not there for it. Khloe starting talking about all of Kris’ embarrassing memories from her queefing, to her peeing herself - basically anything vaginal related because Little Miss Scribe had to write all of it down. By the way, after that dinner I’m pretty sure Kris did pee her pants.

After the initial scribe dinner, Khloe went over to Kris’ house to talk and the scribe was still in the corner recording what they were saying. First of all, how does the scribe type so fast, I mean that is a gift. Second of all, I really need to see those documents because that would be HILARIOUS to see all of Khloe’s curse words typed out on one long piece of paper. And finally, if this little stunt doesn’t prove that Kris Jenner is the definition of extra then nothing does. Khloe yelled at Kris about her crazy scribing antics, while the scribe was in the room. I know Khloe wasn’t mad at the scribe but it must of been uncomfortable writing down a conversation about how they hate that you’re writing down the conversation, I mean the comedy of this is so real.

To try and teach Khloe a lesson and try and embarrass her in front of the scribe, Kris literally brought a list to dinner of all the embarrassing things she could say about Khloe but it completely backfired. Khloe could of not cared less that her conversation was being recorded by the scribe because she has had her life recorded on camera and shared in 180 different countries for 10 years. Kris ended up laughing about her Khloe list MORE than Khloe did and I think that Kris literally peed herself in front of the scribe - again. The moral of the story is that you can’t win when you go up against KhloMoney Kardashian.

The main storyline of the episode was Kim trying to bring attention to the homeless issue in LA, she is definitely channelling her inner Princess Diana right now. I think as a collective group the family decided that they want to use their power and fame for good rather than evil, and use their platform to talk about issues in society. It also helps with their reputation so I’m sure that helped them make that decision. Kim and Khloe went down to a shelter and heard peoples stories about why they are homeless. Then Kim decided that she still wasn’t done so she got in contact with a local politician that is trying to change homelessness. Kim took her extensions out and her makeup off to accompany the politician to see people who lived in disgusting conditions. They literally LIVED in dirt. It was eye opening and homelessness is a massive issue, but especially America which is devastating because it is the richest and most powerful country in the world.

After seeing some homeless people up close and personal, Kim decided that she still wasn’t done so she took her assistant to Alexandra House where they help homeless women out. Some of the girls shared their stories and that was a wrap on the homeless storyline. I do think that Kim cares and it is a massive issue that needs a solution, but is this really what we are watching the Kardashians for? Also, I love Kim but I cannot take her seriously when she talks about her important issues on account of that vocal fry. Maybe she needs to copy Paris Hilton and have a real voice and a fake voice for important business meetings.

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