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David Foster Kicked Kelly Dodd Out Of His Car

The weirdest story of the year award goes to Kelly Dodd and David Foster.

David Foster was leaving Craig's in LA when the paparazzi started asking him questions. You only go to restaurants like Craig's if you want to be photographed so David definitely loves the attention on him. Remember those RHOBH dinner parties?

The paparazzo was asking David random questions about Charles Manson and Selena Gomez when Bravo's resident party girl Kelly Dodd, tried to get in his car. Kelly said "we're gonna have another housewife" and David looked at her in total shock and asked her to please get out of his car.

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After the awkward run in the songwriter asked the paparazzo who she was and begged him not to run the story. Mmm, maybe Katherine McPhee wouldn't be happy seeing another girl in his car? David Foster was previously married to RHOBH star Yolanda Hadid, so obviously he doesn't want another real housewife for a wife.

When TMZ broke the story, David's spokesperson issued this statement:

“In today’s environment, what Kelly did was careless, inappropriate and disrespectful. David drove away in his car, alone and shaken. The video and her remarks speak for itself.”

Really? Shaken? Kelly's drunken antics really were no big deal and it looks like David is trying to hide something bigger. I don't know, he just seems like a VERY shady man to me. Who gets scared when a Bravolebrity climbs in their car?

Kelly clapped back by saying that she was just having dinner with her friends Heather McDonald and Lea Black and she was just joking around. I LOVE ME SOME DODD!

Watch the weird video below! Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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