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Shade of the Week: Tori Spelling

We've all read the tabloids over the last couple years and Tori Spelling's life is just getting more unlucky as time goes on.

Tori shot to fame as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210 and became instant teen royalty of the 1990's. However after her billionaire daddy died, a confusing turn of events caused Tori to get basically no money from his death while her mom Candy was rolling in it.

In addition to Tori's money woes, she also had an affair with her now husband Dean McDermott that then cheated on her. With her American Express bills piling up Tori decided to do a reality show about the cheating scandal which got the ball rolling. The amount of Tori and Dean reality shows is ridiculous and it's hard to watch because it's so clear that it's just for a check.

Her champagne taste on a beer budget has also caused her to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card debt which she's so behind on paying that now the credit card companies are suing for money that she doesn't have. Tori also got burnt at Benihana really bad and sued them for SO much money, but the streets are now saying that the credit card companies want that money to go straight to them.

Now that's unlucky!

Let's also talk about how her husband might be going to jail. In Dean's previous marriage he has one daughter who's child support payments have been lost in the mail so many times that he might be locked as a result. Could that be another Tori and Dean spinoff that I won't tune into? Dean Does Jail?

Tori gave birth to her FIFTH kid earlier this year and she is still thinking about more. No. No. Hell to the fucking NO. If Tori can't pay her bills how is she supposed to pay for another human being. She needs to stop having kids just to sell her books and reality shows.

I do like Tori but her life is fucking mess. She's got debt coming out of her ears, her husband is a cheater and a dead beat dad, she wants a sixth kid and she really needs to settle down on the botox and fillers. She oddly looks identical to what she did in the 90's but if Donna Martin had tupperware for a face.

I don't even know what advice to give but I no longer feel sorry for Tori Spelling.