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Kelly Dodd Revealed The REAL Reason Vicki Gunvalson Had Her "Heart Attack" In Iceland

Kelly Dodd is spilling all the tea!

On a recent episode of Heather McDonald's podcast Juicy Scoop, Kelly Dodd unloaded some behinds the scenes tea about this seasons trip to Iceland. As you know the OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson, thought she was having a heart attack after a night of clubbing and a day full of physical activity in Iceland.

It turned out that Vicki only had elevated blood pressure and it Kelly was the cause. Miss Dodd told Heather McDonald that she has ADD and after a night of partying and no sleep she gave Vicki an Adderall which caused her to think she was having a heart attack. HA! Vicki Gunvalson is the OG drama queen!

Adderall is a MASSIVE drug in the reality world because it helps you power through and keep drinking without getting too drunk, just ask those Vanderpump Rules kids! I don't see any of them faking heart attacks on overseas trips and God knows that they have a whole lot more drugs in their systems.

Kelly also dished that Vicki wore the blanket over her face when she was going to the ambulance because one of the producers told her that she looked like shit.

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After Vicki was discharged from the hospital, Kelly said that the girls charged all their drinks to her Vicki's room which made her bill $15,000 and production went crazy over who had to pay. Damn, this behind the scenes tea is almost more interesting then what we saw on TV.

Later in the interview Heather asked Kelly who she thinks shouldn't return next season and she said: "Peggy and Meghan, the boring ass bitch that she is!" Heather tried to pivot the conversation to her recent cameo at Meghan's candle party, when Kelly spilled the tea that it isn't even Meghan's candle line and that she is a"stupid fake bitch!" There is definitely no love lost between Kelly and Meghan.

I'm just gonna file this interview under "Reasons Why I Love Kelly Dodd!" Listen to the rest of the VERY juicy interview on Juicy Scoop!

What do you think of all this behind the scenes tea?