Katie Holmes Is Devastated That Tom Cruise Cut ALL Ties With Their Daughter Suri

They say that time heals all wounds, but in this case the wounds are filled with lemon and I don't think that time is enough to heal them.

Word on the street is that Tom Cruise hasn't seen his daughter Suri in 4 years, which has become a well known fact in Hollywood. With 2017 coming to a close, sources are saying that Katie Holmes is devastated that her ex husband hasn't made any effort to see his daughter and has basically cut her out of his life.

Although Katie's new boo Jamie Foxx has been a positive father figure in Suri's life, she believes that her daughter should have the ability to have a relationship with her biological father. Katie has allegedly been trying to call Tom and pleading with him to reach out to Suri.

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Tom obviously didn't take Katie's advice because his manager allegedly contacted press outlets and asked them to stop posting pictures and stories about Suri because she is "no longer apart of his life." How do you chose to not have your 11-year-old daughter in your life?

As we previously reported, Tom's involvement in The Church of Scientology has stopped him from pursuing a relationship with Suri due to their policy of disconnection. Katie famously left the church when she divorced Tom to try and save her daughter from the churches cruel and odd practices. Tom has barely seen his daughter since.

At the point Katie has accepted that she is a single mother to Suri and is happy to be with her daughter, but she is constantly frustrated that Tom has let his issues with her impact his relationship with Suri. Katie still has hope that someday Tom will come to his senses and at least have a conversation with their daughter.

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