Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are OFFICIALLY Engaged!

After MONTHS of speculation, the royal family finally confirmed this piping hot tea!

On Monday Prince Charles made the statement that his son would be marrying his girlfriend of one year and six months. Yes that's right, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially engaged.

It was also announced that the couple will be having a spring wedding, which will most likely be before Kate Middleton's third baby is born. Does that mean she'll be a pregnant bridesmaid?

The statement confirmed that Harry had got a blessing from Queen Elizabeth and Meghan's parents to get married. Meghan is a black/jewish divorcee which is not the typical bride in a royal family - and I love it.

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There is no word yet on if the marriage will be televised but considering the intense media interest, I think that it would be a smart move for the sixth in line to the throne to share his big day with the world.

It is a smart move that the royals announced the couples engagement before Christmas, so that Meghan is able to spend the day with the royal family. She quit social media and her job at Suits, so I guess her dedication to Prince Harry is finally paying off.

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