Abby Lee Miller Found Her Own Sugar Daddy In Jail

Even being locked up won't stop Abby Lee Miller from finding herself a man!

The word from cell block D is that the former Dance Moms star started reaching out to a guy through a pen pal service in prison. Normally Abby likes her men young and she plays the sugar mama role, but now that she's in jail for fraud it seems like the roles are reversed.

Abby's man is apparently A LOT older than her and he is allegedly giving her money to spend to prison. Sounds like someone has a sugar daddy. Abby is a SMART woman so she knows what to do and what to say to keep the money flowing.

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The "couple" are planning their meet up once she is released from prison and apparently it is going to be VERY sexual. Get your freak on Miss Miller! Shady inmate insiders are saying that Abby brags about her new love to anyone that will listen.

The reality star has little to no money left and her businesses have all gone down hill since she was incarcerated earlier this year, so I bet that she'll need her sugar daddy to help her out once she is released.

Do you think they are in love or does Abby just using him for his money? Sound off in the comments!