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Brandi Glanville Is No Longer Friends With Yolanda Hadid

Brandi Glanville may not be a real housewife anymore but she is still as unfiltered as ever, especially when it comes to her former co stars.

On a recent episode Q&A episode of her podcast Brandi Glanville Unfiltered the reality star spilled all the tea. A fan asked if Brandi was still friends with RHOBH alums Kim Richards and Yolanda Hadid. She confirmed that her and Kim are still tight friends and that she even called her the night before, but her relationship with Yolanda is a different story.

Brandi said she was always a really good friend to Yo and went to her house dozens of times without the cameras. She said she helped her when she was sick and during her divorce from David Foster, so she was blindsided when she read Yolanda's memoir, where she said that she wasn't friends with any of her former costars. Brandi said that she had felt like Yo clumped her in with all the other negative girls.

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The blonde bombshell also spilled the tea that Yolanda will never reply to her texts anymore and she has never made the effort to come over to her house off camera. Brandi said she had to stop trying because Yo obviously didn't care about her. It seems like Yolanda ghosted Brandi since they both left RHOBH which is pretty sad considering how good (I thought) their friendship was.

Yolanda's main priority has been chasing her famous daughters all over the world since her Lyme disease basically ended her Bravo career. By the way, does she still have lyme? I'm confused. Yolanda is a shell of the former person she used to be and I really do miss her lemon tree days.

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