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Shade of the Week: Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer is the latest famous man that’s been taken down by the sexual misconduct scandal. It hit me in the face like a wet fish but it sounds like NBC insiders knew about his dirty ways for a while.

The initial victim said that he tried to pressure her into sex at the Sochi Olympics and that opened the flood gates for dozens more women to speak out again the star and they spilled all the tea! Of course sexual abuse is never fun to hear about, but Matt's methods were varied and it seems like he never met a kink he didn't like.

Apparently he has a button under his desk that could lock the door so he could have his way with the girls and not risk anyone walking in. Heaps of executives have spoken out saying that buttons under desks are common in high power places, but it doesn’t take away from the 50 shades-ness of it all. Mr Lauer will see you now!

Matt also allegedly gave a producer sex toys for a present - WITH A NOTE on how he wanted to use it on her. He exposed his penis and sexted like it was going out of fashion. Although there would have been numerous girls that he assaulted, there would have been dozens more women who would have been happy to ride him all the way up the NBC ladder.

Did the fact that he has a wife ever cross his mind? Streets have been saying that Matt and his wife have been living seperate lives for years but as soon as the news broke, she packed her bags and took her kids to Europe! The story gets messier because years ago she filed divorce and said Matt was cruel and inhumane, but I guess he gave her some hush money and kept it moving.

The disgraced star also has children, who I feel VERY sorry for. Kids are mean and those children are gonna get bullied for their creepy father's behaviour. The press were reporting that Matt went to his kids school when the news broke and explained what happened to his son. I can't think of anything more awkward than telling my son that I got fired for sexual assault in person - and that was BEFORE all the other girls started speaking out.

It's been a week since the story broke and now all the shady publications are finding old videos of Matt talking about sex and trying to make him look as creepy as possible, which is a reach at best. He was waking up with American's for two decades, so he is bound to have a couple of questionable interviews in that time.

Matt was a Today host for 20 years and he became the Lord of his Manor and ruled the offices over at 30 Rock. From what I gather he had numerous affairs that everyone knew about but looked the other way and just assumed it was consensual. Now after a few women spoke up - his career is over, his empire has fallen and he has literally lost anything he's ever had. Who will ever sleep with him again?!

Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. It looks like Matt got slaughtered.

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