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Jamie Foxx Wants To Keep His Romance With Katie Holmes On The Down Low

Word on the street was that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes couldn't make their relationship official because of a secret claus in Katie's divorce from Tom Cruise which prohibited her to date publicly for 5 years after their split. But five years are up and the couple still haven't made their relationship official.

The two have been spotted at numerous events together and they were both seen walking along Malibu beach earlier this year, but they still haven't confirmed any tea.

Sources are saying that Jamie is the reluctant one in the relationship because he doesn't want to take any attention away from his acting career. He is also scared that once their relationship is public that it will invite unwanted criticism which could destroy their union.

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Katie allegedly has never been happier with Jamie and loves the father figure that he has been to Suri in Tom's absence, but she still wants to shout her love from the roof tops. People are saying that it is affecting Katie's self esteem because she feels like Jamie is ashamed of her.

It's pretty clear that these two are very much in love and I think that it's only a matter of time before they have to let the public into their private life. Let's just hope that they can stay together for the long run, even though Jamie obviously doesn't have the commitment gene.

What do you think of their relationship? Sound off in the comments!

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