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Bethenny Frankel Suing Jason Hoppy For Full Custody

Why won't this legal disaster just end?

Word on the street is that Bethenny Frankel has reopened her divorce to Jason Hoppy, so that she can sue for full custody of their 7-year-old daughter Brynne.

This tea comes as after a string of legal problems: Bethenny and Jason's lengthy divorce, which was followed by the reality star pressing stalking and harassment charges against Jason. Her estranged ex eventually took a plea deal in his harassment case which finally looked like the last chapter in their legal saga, but it's obviously not.

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When the couple finalised their custody battle in 2014 they agreed to co-parent Brynne after Bethenny allegedly called Jason "white trash" from the witness stand. Now that's the snarky trash talker we know and love!

If Bethenny has full custody of her daughter that means that she will never have to be around Jason's crazy ass again, but it is a little unfair to take all his parental rights away, especially given the fact that he clearly has no one else in his corner.

The estranged parents are due in court in January.

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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