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Fan Exposes Scheana Shay Doing Coke and Jax & Brittany's Fake Relationship

This super Bravo fan has come through with ALL the receipts!

On Sunday a shady screenshot appeared on Reddit and it revealed a lot about the current behind the scenes drama of Vanderpump Rules! In the text, the person claims that they were at a party with the SURvers in New York recently and did coke with Scheana Shay and two cast members from Summer House.

The fan also wrote that Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are only pretending to date IRL, so that they don't ruin the show for people to watch. Does that mean that Jax did have sex with Faith while her 95-year-old old lady that she looks after was in the room sleeping?

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These reality stars are young people in LA so it does not surprise me that they might enjoy some Peru going up their nose from time to time. Maybe they got the habit from their boss Andy Cohen? Am I right Kathy?

This tea is PIPING hot and you can check out the text for yourself below! Of course, the screenshot could be a hoax just to get some attention, but the tea they are spilling isn't too surprising. Only time will tell!

Do you believe this text? Sound off in the comments!

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