Shade of the Week: Andy Cohen

Is anyone else over Andy Cohen?

When this fresh faced, 40 something, Jewish, gay man burst onto the scene as the “real housewives” guy he had a relatable likeability that fans loved. 10 years down the track and Andy has almost become a character of his former self.

If you are a frequent watcher of WWHL then you can tell that Andy clearly plays favourites with the housewives. He presses Kenya Moore for tea and scolds her when she’s wrong, but laughs at NeNe Leakes' same shady moments. This is just one example of his inequality that he gives his Bravo employees.

The other thing that annoys me about WWHL is the flirting he does with the bartenders. Ugh. If it wasn’t gross before to see a pervy old man hit on barley legal hunks then it should be gross considering all the Weinstein drama. If Andy was a straight man commenting women’s boobs on TV, he would lose his job and be shamed as a pervert for the rest of his career. Imagine if Fallon or Colbert did that?

Every time he runs his “sweetie” routine makes me wanna move to the Middle East and join a cult.

The Kathy Griffin drama also rubbed me the wrong way with Andy because of how much of an asshole he looked in the TMZ video. You could see the look on his face that he thought his shit didn’t stink, sorry but it does! I loved Kathy’s clap back because the streets have been talking for years about Andy’s wild ways! Why else do you think he’s so hyper on his show?

I was living when Kathy used a fans letter to lowkey accuse Andy of sexual misconduct and say that he has a small dick. From looking at his height, hands etc. I think it’s safe to assume that everything about Mr Bravo is small!

Is he still dating that boyfriend? His barely legal boo and him starting dating last year but I haven’t heard any updates on the issue. Blind items have been claiming that he’s still hooking up with young guys so the jury is still out on that one.

I don’t think that Andy if too far gone though. If he humbled himself and stopped acting like he was better than everyone, maybe I’d jump back on that bandwagon?