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The Truth About Justin Bieber's Alleged Hidden Drug Addiction

From what I hear, I'm surprised The Biebs is still up and walking.

Word on the street is that Justin Bieber has a major hidden secret in his high profile life. Several blind items are claiming that the Purpose singer has an intense drug addiction and depends on any number of illicit drugs to get through the day.

Justin allegedly takes anything and everything he can get his hands on, to try and take his mind away from his crazy life. The singer has been known to take Oxycodone which he is able to get massive supplies through his connections to a pharmacy in West LA.

I'm hearing that he's also a fan of meth, which definitely means that those teeth are as fake as his muscles, we see you HGH. Yeah, Justin also used to allegedly be a heavy taker of the Human Growth Hormone. These blind items are full of tea!

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His on again romance with Selena Gomez has also been heavily determined by their substance abuse and it has got so bad that they both can't sit still in church for long amounts of time. Apparently at a recent party, the couple were both super high and Justin kept making Selena flash her nipple piercing to anyone that would look.

His friends and circle are all scared to bring up his rampant drug use because Justin is their meal ticket and provides them with a comfy lifestyle. His longtime manager Scooter Braun has also become increasingly annoyed because drugs were the main reason for his tour to be cancelled earlier this year.

His PR team have worked very hard to keep his addiction out of the mainstream media, but it's only a matter of time before Justin OD's on any of the serious drugs that he's been taking.

Are you surprised by what these blind items are claiming?

Photo Credit: Instagram

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