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KUWTK Recap: Media Training

Khloe and Kourtney wanted to make their own workout video Jane Fonda style, due to their constant workout videos on Snapchat. When the sisters realised how much work they would actually need to do for the video, they backed out and decided just to do their own workout clothing line. So basically they'll pick out a few designs, get the clothes made in a sweatshop and put their Kardashian name on. Ugh.

Khloe was also working on a potential Good American workout line but put it on hold for Kourt's indecisive ass. Really Khlo? The possibly pregnant Kardashian realised that she couldn't ruin her already growing fashion empire just to help her lazy sister with a short lived passion project. She broke the news to Kourtney that she couldn't do the line with her, but Kourt was busier obsessing over her cute kid. That speaks volumes.

This episode also featured possibly the dumbest fight ever to occur on this planet. Kendall wanted to plan a birthday party for her friend with Kylie but because he is such a "super awesome" friend, she decided that they had to throw a big party and not just a dinner. Fair enough. Kylie took the bone and ran with a massive, over the top carnival theme but then Kendall got triggered because it was "too big" and just wanted to hang out at Kylie's house. What the fuck. For once I'm on LipKit's side because Kendall sounds like a fucking moron. She literally said she wanted a big party! Plus, we didn't even get to see Kylie OR the party.... Epic fail.

Kim thought it would be a good idea for the family to have some media training so that they actually know how to talk when they're in an interview. Kim, Khloe, Kourt, Kendall and Kris all rocked up for their training at the Four Seasons hotel but Kylie was a no show. I guess she really has no interest on being on show, but why would she? She's a 19-year-old billionaire.

The two trainers identified all the girls weaknesses and gave them tips on how to speak by interviewing them and watching it back. After the first group mock interview was over, the trainers tried to critique Kendall's awkward performance but she got a text from Kylie about their dumb party fight and had to leave. Is she a fucking idiot? That's a genuine question because this is a real champagne problem.

The other girls stuck around and had solo one on one interviews. Kourtney didn't take anything seriously (no surprise), Khloe answered all her questions with class and Kris learned how to dodge the truth when it comes to those pesky Caitlyn questions. Overall, the momager got the most out of the training which was a tad surprising considering she's the mogul of the family. We even got to see her put her new skill set to the test when she got interviewed by this tall as fuck basketball player. Sports is like a different language to me, so I have no idea who he is.

That was basically everything you missed from the episode, but the Kardashians are back next year and the trailer looks like Khloe might FINALLY announce that she's pregnant. Let's all say a little prayer so that we aren't teased with this tiresome baby news into the new year.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returns January 7th at 9/8c on E! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the first family of reality TV.

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