Sofia Richie Is Paying Scott Disick's Bills

Normally the older guy pays for the younger girl, but I guess this couple are doing it in the reverse.

Word on the street is that Sofia Richie pays for almost everything in her relationship with father-of-three Scott Disick. Apparently she pays with her Amex card whenever they go out for a dinner at an expensive restaurant while Scott just sits back and watches her swipe her card.

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Sofia is also allegedly paying for Scott's utility bills like water and electricity. What the fuck? She REALLY must be his sugar mama then, after Kourtney Kardashian got sick of footing the bill after almost a decade. We all know that Sofia depends on her dad's money. So basically Lionel Richie is actually Scott's sugar daddy. HA!

It makes sense why the couple are always in and out of the country on extravagant holidays, because Sofia's daddy's deep pockets are paying for it. Is Lionel paying for the coke too?

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