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Is Angelina Jolie Having A Lesbian Romance With Her Nanny?

Angelina Jolie has been out of the spotlight for a year and the world has been unsure of what she's being doing, but we now know who she's been doing.

Various blind items are claiming that Ang has become a shut in since her split from her husband Brad Pitt last year. The actress allegedly stays in bed for most of the day and has dozens of employees to practically live her life for her.

One of her employees is more important than the others. Rumour has it that Angelina began a romantic relationship with her nanny last year and then fired her, after she found out she had a boyfriend.

This source spilled the tea that a month after her firing, the nanny ran back to Angelina and begged for her job and relationship back. Ang allegedly made her lover call her boyfriend on speaker phone and break up with him. The actress also threatened him not to not communicate with her ever again. Damn, this is juicy!

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The Lara Croft star has been known to swing both ways, so it doesn't surprise me that she would have a steamy love affair with her live-in nanny and assistant. Something tells me that she's assisting in more than running errands.

The same blind item source claims that Angelina has also reverted back to her old, dirty ways and has started using drugs again. She allegedly started using again to help with her depression from the split and has become bedridden as a result.

Ever wonder why she's never wearing short sleeves? I'm just gonna let you think about that.

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Photo Credit: Bravo