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Shade of the Week: Luann de Lesseps

Due to this being the last Shade of the Week for 2017 I decided to remove the shade and add the praise for this special weekly tradition!

Normally an arrest would be a shade worthy event, but because it is Countess Luann it is an epic event. Could that be more on brand?

Luann is one of the most self aware housewives who complains about class and etiquette but she seems to be so bad at maintaining it. Lu will lecture you about the proper way to hold a dinner party and then fuck a pirate and not realise that she is a hypocrite, but in some weird way I guess that’s why she is so beloved.

Lu started her year boasting about her undying love to her new cheating husband Tom in their extravagant New Year’s Eve wedding and ended it as a divorcee in a dirty Palm Beach jail cell. What a difference a year makes.

How The Countess got arrested makes the story even better. The "Money Can’t Buy You Class" singer was found drunk in bed with a man and then kicked a cop and threatened to kill everyone when she was arrested. Doesn’t it get any messier? I mean if your gonna get arrested you might as well have an epic story to tell.

The video footage of Lu smoking in her dirty dress at the courthouse was the cherry on top of this very messy cake.

The Countess' arrest will definitely be featured on the new season of RHONY which Lu won’t be happy about. She would much rather sweep it under the rug and ignore it than be interrogated by Bethenny Frankel about her new felony charges.

No matter what the outcome it will definetly be entertaining and Lu will bounce back with another one of her nine lives!

I hope all you shady Tea Drinks have a wonderful New Year, just try not to get arrested like Mrs de Lesseps!