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Shade of the Week: Porsha Williams

Word on the street is that Kenya Moore has lost her peach for next season, but I am beyond confused how Porsha is managing to hold onto her rotten old piece of fruit!

Ever since Porsha dragged Kenya across the season 6 reunion floor she has been a libability for Bravo. Yes it was entertaining as fuck and goes down in history of reality TV, but that doesn’t mean that Bravo didn’t have so much red tape to deal with.

Porsha lost her peach after her first brawl but then got it back and still managed to let her streetfighter ways come out while keeping hold of her own juicy peach.

Last season AND this season, Porsha has definitely been on the outs with everybody, so I have no idea why she keeps coming back. In my opinion she should have been fired along with Phaedra but her fake tears managed to save her lopsided ass from getting a pink slip.

Porsha has been losing in her feud against NeNe this season which is pretty evident when she only has two “friends.” Sheree needs a check and everybody hates Kim too so that aren’t actually friends. I just don’t understand how Bravo can justify keeping her on.

Miss Williams is an admitted liar who confessed that she just made up several rumours about Kandi, Peter and countless others. How can someone with no credibility just sit on the show and continue to cash those checks, even if she is paid the least out of everyone on the show.

She isn’t even good TV because all her shady and fun behaviour is just an act. She tries to give us life in her confessionals but it is all as fake as her hair. Remember the old Porsha who was religious, Kordell obsessed and as thin as paper. Well now she suddenly grew herself a booty and became a THOT because we all know how she’s gettting her money and it’s not from Dish Nation. I’m looking at you Africans!

Bravo, Porsha Williams needs to go!

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