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Caitlyn Jenner Slams Piers Morgan For Disrespectful Transgender Question

Caitlyn Jenner was not taking it!

The reality star was doing an interview with Piers Morgan when he asked her about the difference between her physique as a man and woman and quipped that "certain areas we already know."

After Piers asked the question, Caitlyn told him that he made a comment that would get him into trouble. The former Olympian said that his question is disrespectful to a trans person and told the host not to joke about it by saying "it's not funny, it's life."

She also talked about how serious she takes the issue and how is isn't acceptable to make those kinds of jokes because of all the murders that happen in the trans community. That really shut Piers up.

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Wow Cait is not taking this lying down. She is obviously isn't my favourite person but I think she looks great here and is doing well by the trans community. Caitlyn has become the unofficial voice of the community so I think it is up to her to help the movement move forward and stop bigotry towards the issue. Good for you Cait!

However when talking about the Kardashians she confessed that before they were married she told Kris Jenner that she would dress up from time to time. Caitlyn also said that she left the last couple of pages out of the copy that she gave to the family and she can't understand why they'd be upset.

Ohhh Caitlyn you were doing so well and you just fucked yourself with that last answer. Well she can't win everything!

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