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Did Blac Chyna Break Up Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott?

The thirst is very, very real!

Word on the street is that Blac Chyna has found another way to get back at Kylie Jenner for sleeping with Tyga all those years ago. Blind items are claiming that Chyna had sex with Travis Scott in an attempt to stay relevant in the Kardashian empire.

Travis is Kylie's rumoured baby daddy and allegedly can't keep anything in his pants, so it wouldn't have been hard for Chyna to seduce him with her new body that was bought courtesy of the Kardashian family. The former stripper used a depressed Rob to get her come up in the world and it looks like she is trying her best to avoid going back to the DC pole.

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The streets have been saying that Kylie and Travis have split up and that he doesn't want to support her or their baby. Was sleeping with the enemy Kylie's final straw when it came to her new rapper boo?

I wouldn't put it past Chyna to pull this messy trick but it seems like such an unnecessary reach, can't she just leave them alone? To be honest, as much as Chyna's actions suck you kind of have to respect the messy levels that she is willing to go to. Well played Blac.

What do you think Chyna sleeping with Kylie's man? Sound off in the comments!

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Instagram

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