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Khloe Kardashian Revealed Her Baby Boy Name & Played Coy About Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy on E

Now that Khloe Kardashian has announced her pregnancy, she is ready to spill all the baby sized tea, except if it's about her sisters!

The newly pregnant Kardashian told Ellen DeGeneres that the boy name she picked out for her baby is Tristan Jr but the couple haven't come up with any girl names yet. Khloe also said that for future kids she wants to keep their name with either a T or K. Aww, she's already thinking ahead!

Khloe announced that the baby's gender will be revealed on this week's episode of KUWTK, so I think we can bet that she's having a baby boy.

Ellen also asked Khloe if she felt the need to eat for two and the fitness fanatic spilled the tea that her mom has been trying to make her eat more but Khloe knows that you shouldn't over eat when your pregnant. She also probably doesn't want to gain any weight either, let's be real.

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After Khloe gave her candid response the host asked her if Kylie Jenner was having an cravings and Khloe played dumb. Ellen tried her best to try and squeeze the tea out of Khloe by saying that Kylie has to be pregnant due to all the secrecy but Khloe just told her to get Kylie on the show and ask. Yawn.

I like the name Jr but I think they could have thought of something more unique, I mean he's gonna have cousins named North and Saint for crying out loud. I'm also over all the coy answers about Kylie's pregnancy, just announce it already lips!

Watch Khloe's interview in the clip above!

What do you think of Khloe's baby name? Sound off in the comments!

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