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The Truth Behind Jax Taylor & Lindsay Lohan's Hookup

Back in 2013 Tom Schwartz spilled the tea about Jax Taylor's one night stand with Lindsay Lohan on Watch What Happens Live and left everybody wanting answers.

Whenever Jax is asked about Lindsay in the press and interviews he always gives really vague answers about their hookup and doesn't give us any juicy details but now I think we may know why...

According to Crazy Days & Nights Lindsay was telling people all about their hookup when she ran into him at the Daily Mail Christmas party late last year. Apparently Jax couldn't get hard while they were hooking up, cried about his flaccid penis for an hour and told her why he couldn't get hard.

This explains why Jax is so secretive about the topic and why he called the experience bad on WWHL. In the original 2013 interview below, Jax said the situation was bad and gave very vague answers but maintained that Lindsay was very affectionate.

I'm just reporting the tea but it makes sense as to why Jax doesn't like talking about their hookup. Hopefully Lindsay spills the tea about it someday, if she can remember!

What do you think about this tea? Sound off in the comments!

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