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RHOA Recap: The Hamptons

This season has felt very disjointed for me. Just when the story starts to develop and the group comes together we have weird filler episodes that serve no purpose, but luckily Bravo loaded us with a few group scenes in this episode.

Marlo decided that it was time for NeNe and Porsha to come together so she invited the feuding friends and Cynthia over to her house to get them both to come together. NeNe, Porsha and Cynthia all arrived at The House That Blowjobs Built, which was decked out in faux Hermes boxes and rented china that was to be returned the next day. Cynthia's tit felt out, Marlo spiked their drinks and the truth telling was ready to begin. Porsha told Miss Leakes that she felt she has supported her so much but NeNe just sat there, rolled her eyes and made a ton of weird faces. Well alright NeNe.

The Queen Bee clapped back by saying that Porsha would never reply to her texts which she thought was rude because she stood by her during her divorce and when she dragged Kenya across the reunion floor. Reading this recap made me realise how fucking dumb this fight is. They haven't been as connected as they used to be, they grew apart. So what? Talk about an exaggeration. NeNe gave Porsha a really shitty apology and wouldn't even look at her which just shows how petty the beef was and made Porsha look like the grown one in this war. When Porsha is the adult in the situation, you know something is wrong.

Meanwhile, Kandi had to hire a new manager for the OLG with the ability to reign Mama Joyce in when she is being too much. I like me some Mama Joyce, but I'm glad that she's taken a back row seat after her messiness with Shady Phae Phae last year. Kandi also told Sheree about NeNe's conartisit comments about her man, which made Sheree throw some mugshot shade right back at Miss Leakes. We've all seen her several mugshots, so she needs to take a seat.

The producers also tried to make us think that Porsha and Rickey Smiley could become an item with their slow motion hugs and romantic music, but there is obviously nothing happening. Those messy editors.

Miss Kenya Moore-Daly organised a domestic violence PSA because she has decided to use her powers for good and not evil. RHOA vintage royalty Derek Blanks shoot the PSA which takes me back to the days when he did that alter ego photoshoot. Those were the times. Kenya spilled the tea that it wasn't Matt that hit her, but her first boyfriend at 16 who stabbed her. Damn, who knew that Kenya Moore was a stabbing victim. She by Sheree stopped by the production meeting in one of Kim Zolciak's old wigs and fought with Kenya over her position in the PSA. Sheree wants to be something more than Kenya's little intern but she literally didn't lift a finger to help with the shoot.

The PSA filming day finally came and Kenya was ready. Miss Moore wrote scripts and directed how the day was going to go. Shamea rocked up and gave a testimonial on her story. She was married to her husband who accused her of cheating with some guy in Miami (which probably happened), and then slapped her in a valet carpark. Did I get that right? It was a confusing story to follow but she was brave for sharing it.

Cynthia's mama Barbara also shared her story of domestic violence with 50 Cynt's dad. He was extremely verbally and physically abusive which made it hard to watch Barbara tell her story. The Golden Globes also aired tonight and it was full of celebration for the women who have spoken up against violence they've endured, so it was relieving to see the struggle affect everyday Americans and not just Hollywood. Domestic violence is a HUGE issue which needs to be solved.

Along with the testimonials the six peach holders: NeNe, Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya, Porsha & Sheree all read lines of information for the PSA. On the way to the shoot She by Sheree got into a car crash which jacked up her back because she has a bulging disc. I have the exact same thing and I can only IMAGINE how bad that would feel after a crash. I feel you Miss Whitfield. After she turned up and read her lines, Derek Blanks called cut and all the girls reflected on how they managed to be in a room together without yelling or violence to occur. Good for them!

Next week the girls head to The Elephant Room and shit goes down. The teaser shows a shady medium reading all the girls and it causes heaps of fights between the divas. Kim Zolciak is also back in the mix, so you just KNOW that she will bring some drama with her. Bye Wig!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on our favourite Georgia peaches.

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