Dakota Johnson Watching Angelina Jolie Ignore Jennifer Aniston At The Golden Globes Is EVERYTHING!

Jennifer Aniston skipped the red carpet at The Golden Globes last night in an effort to avoid Angelina Jolie but the internet still found a way to talk about the two feuding actresses.

The Friends star presented an award with Carol Burnett which went really well but viewers were paying more attention to the audience. Angelina attended the Globes with her son Pax and ignored Jen while she was presenting.

Dakota Johnson noticed the snub and gave Ang some serious side eye in the photo below. I'm surprised that no one else is looking at Angelina for a reaction because if I were there my eyes would be fixed on Ang while I munched on my popcorn.

Who knew that Dakota would get dragged into this mess? I am living for it! Dakota Johnson is everyone right now!

Jennifer and Angelina also BOTH attended the Netflix after party but no tea was reported, so obviously they stayed well away from each other.

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