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Shade of the Week: Elisabeth Moss

On Sunday night at The Golden Globes all the guests donned black gowns in support and hope of the new era of Hollywood. Elisabeth Moss won a Globe and added to the night's theme of talking about the injustices that women face. That would've been a moving speech if Elisabeth wasn't a proud Scientologist.

Oh yes, this actress subscribes to the controversial faith which is known for it's abusive practices and money hungry ways. Elisabeth Moss is a hypocrite if she thinks that she can talk about women's rights when thousands of women are being abused and silenced by that "church." What makes the story even juicer is that the show The Handmaid's Tale that she won for is a show based in a dystopian world where a right wing religious group has taken over the government. Mmm, doesn't that sound familiar?

Elisabeth also walked out when Leah Remini accepted her award for her anti-Scientology show at the Creative Emmy's last year which is not only shady but is a calculated move on the church's part due to their disconnection policy.

I know that the majority of Scientologists only want to make the planet a better place and don't understand the mind control that they are under but the parishioners donate millions of dollars to a church that spends the money on expanding their empire and hiring lawyers to ruin the lives of people who speak out against them. It's disgusting and all members should be ashamed.

The Church of Scientology hasn't done a single good deed for this world and it's technology has proven that it doesn't benefit or enrich your life. Thousands of ex-members have all said that they walked out the same person they were when they walked in but with way more debt in their pockets.

I don't care if Elisabeth Moss thinks that the church is helping her because she is helping fund a church that is responsible for so much abusive and it is not only hypocritical but offensive for her to align herself with such a powerful movement when is she already associated with such an evil organisation. Let's hope that she wakes up soon and stops her culty behaviour.

Photo Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

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