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The Situation Rejected Plea Deal Over His Tax Fraud Charges

First Teresa & Joe Giudice and now The Situation? Is playing shady fraud games how it is done over in Jersey?

Mike and his brother Marc Sorrentino received fraud charges last April after they tried to get out of paying their taxes. The Jersey Shore star owes approximately $9 million in taxes from 2010 - 12, which were during his hard partying days on the reality show.

The two brothers also pulled shady banking tricks by depositing small amount of money in different bank accounts that they owned to try and avoid the IRS. That is some serious scheming that I think deserves lock up on cell block H.

The Situation and his brother both rejected a plea deal from prosecuers which means that they are headed to trial. The jury selection is scheduled for February 8. The reality star is supposed to start filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation around that time but something tells me he might need to bow out.

If found guilty, Mike faces 15 years in prison and Marc faces up to 25. I guess Marc was the brains of the operation but knowing Mike, that isn't surprising.

The only two guaranteed things in life are death and taxes, so Mike shouldn't get away with not paying them when everybody else in America has to.

What do you think of The Situation's messy situation? Sound off in the comments!

Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

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