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Lindsay Lohan Spilled The Tea On Everything In Her Wendy Williams Interview

Lindsay Lohan is back on the scene and wasn't holding anything back in her latest interview with Wendy Williams. The actress has definitely changed from her cocaine riddled days back in the early 2000's. She used to be the constant talk of pop culture which Wendy showed via flashbacks of her every mention in Hot Topics.

The talk show host started the interview with reminding Lindsay about how she thought she was on drugs when they met at an American Idol taping. Well that got the ball rolling. Lindsay swore that she wasn't on drugs - that night. Lindsay also said that her drug use wasn't her father's fault and that she has completely disconnected from her former LA party circle.

Her parents Michael and Dina were in the audience at The Wendy Williams Show and Wendy even admitted that she never thought they'd be in the same room again but Linday assured her that they have a great relationship now. Wow, the Lohan family drama really takes me back. Does anyone else remember their reality show Living Lohan?

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That wasn't all. Lindsay also dished about Oprah, calling her the coolest person ever and confirmed that they still talk. Aw, that's cute. Wendy asked about her documentary series with Oprah and the Mean Girls star said that she was sober the whole time but that filming was a lot for her to handle at that time.

Lindsay confirmed that she's strictly-dickly and laughed off her past relationship with Samantha Ronson, blaming it on living in Los Angeles. HA! Right now Lindsay is single and is interested in buying her own island. Yep, you read that right. She's now living in Dubai (which she loves for their laws against paparazzi) and is developing her own island chain. Wow, that must take some serious coin.

Wendy managed to squeeze even more tea out of Lindsay who is dying to do a Mean Girls 2 and is sick of everyone just thinking that she's a party girl. It was so refreshing and nice to see Lindsay Lohan back after all this time, clean, sober and giving logical responses. Let's just hope that if she does return to Hollywood that she'll keep her nose well away from any and all white stuff.

Watch the FULL interview above. What did you think of Lindsay's tea spilling session? Sound off in the comments!

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