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Why Did Lala Kent & Her Man Block Each Other On Instagram?

Trouble in paradise? It seems not because Lala Kent and her man blocked each other, on purpose, to prevent any outside trouble coming into their unique relationship.

The Vanderpump Rules star is officially dating the alleged "married man" Randall Emmett, that the girls found out about last season. In a recent interview Lala spilled the tea that her and Randall blocking each other is actually a good thing.

Instagram could cause problems between the couple because of fans commenting negative stuff on the others photos so they decided at the beginning of their relationship to block each other. Smart move. Emmett and Lala's mom follow each other so that's a juicy tidbit.

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She talked marriage and said that she doesn't care to be married but if he asked, she would definitely say yes and sign any piece of paper that he asked. Don't do that girl, that's how Teresa ended up in prison!

Lala also said that her man won't be featured on this season of the show and that there is no reason to even mention his name. Scheana Shay did spill the tea to Bravo's Daily Dish Podcast that Randall would consider appearing on reality TV if Lala got bumped up to the Real Housewives. I would love to see that but Lala is definitely more of an Atlanta housewife than a Beverly Hills one.

What do you think about the tea that Lala spilled? Sound off in the comments!

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