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KUWTK Recap: Baby Mama

Tonight was the second part of Khloe's pregnancy reveal and it actually featured her finding out she was having a baby unlike the unrelated first part which you can read here! It's been a long day two days of recapping so let's do this quick!

Khloe felt weird after her workout and realised that it was because she was pregnant. The pregnant sister facetimed Tristan and told her assistant the news that she was expecting her first baby, along with a whole camera crew. Tristan's family were coming out to LA for a barbecue so that both families could meet, but Khloe decided to capitalised on the family event and announce her pregnancy there. The whole Kardashian clan turned up, even Kanye, and the happy couple shared their news. For some weird reason the two Jenner sisters decided that they didn't need to attend and Khloe had to share the news via FaceTime to Kylie who is probably, maybe pregnant as well. By the way, Kylie looked like she was just lounging in bed so there's no reason why she couldn't be there.

Kris was emotional about the reveal because she thought that Khloe would be an old spinster without kids, so the momager was overjoyed with the news. I am ecstatic for Khloe, it's been such a long journey with her failed marriage and infertility problems but now she finally has her happily ever after with Tristan and she really deserves it, good for you KoKo!

While she was planning the reveal of her pregnancy, Corey was being weird and talking shit about Khloe to Malika and Kourtney, who of course went back and told Khloe what we said. The pregnant Kardashian and Kourt had lunch with Kris' sugar baby who talked in circles and said that Khloe was being distant towards him. What? I'm so confused what is happening. I don't know if he's deflecting or if Khloe was being distant towards him but it made me realise that this is a non issue. This is random but I think we have to acknowledge Kris Jenner's wall of birkin bags in the closet. Eat your heart out Kyle Richards!

The weirdest storyline of the episode went to Kris, who had a weird obsession with her big ears. Yes, you read that right! Kim found an ear doctor for Kris to go to, who cut half her earlobe off to appease the momager. Kris ran around the house in dangly earrings after the surgery and finally felt confident with her ears. Good for you Kris!

Well there you go, two episodes in one week just to find out what we've already known for months - and Kylie still hasn't announced anything, I feel duped!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sunday at 9/8c on E! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the first family of reality TV.

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