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Scott Disick Producing A Reality Show With Tyga Starring Sofia Richie

Scott Disick may have been the main source of drama for years on KUWTK, but now it seems that he wants to return to reality TV from behind the camera.

Word on the street is that Scott is planning on producing his own reality show with Tyga. Wow, two Kardashian rejects teaming up to make their own show. Should they give Blac Chyna a call? You know she'll do anything for some coin and to get back at the Kardashian family.

This rumoured new show is allegedly going to be about Tyga finding love with Scott as his wacky wingman. Tyga likes his girls like Kylie Jenner, so you can bet that this show will be full of fake lips, wigs and barely legal girls to please the rapper's unique taste in women.

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The father-of-three also promised his girlfriend Sofia Richie a spot in the show. I have no idea what she will be doing, but I'm sure Scott can edit her in somehow.

Scott and Sofia are also rumoured to be in talks for their own reality show as a couple but there hasn't been too many details about that. I would be front and centre to see that mess on my TV screens!

What do you think of Scott and Tyga's idea? Sound off in the comments!

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