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Thomas Ravenel Attacks Bravo In A Bid To Get Fired From Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel must really be fed up living his life on a reality show because he is doing the most to try and lose his job at Bravo.

The Southern Charm star tweeted saying that NBC Universal, the parent company of Bravo, is intolerant and he can't wait till they fire him for being a Trump supporter. He is really coming for the higher ups!

Thomas later tweeted that he only got mad and tagged Andy Cohen in his tweets because "Trump haters" were asking for him to fire Thomas.

Upon further inspection it looks like Thomas knew exactly what he was doing and deliberately talked trash about the production companies so that they would have no choice but to fire him. He must have been drinking and tweeting because he was replying to anyone that would listen!

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The politician turned convict turned reality star spilled the tea that he only did the show in order to pay his high taxes but is considering quitting the show because his taxes are lower and he doesn't need the money. He also said that he'd rather be fired than quit because his family is begging him to stay. I'm confused.

There are plenty of Bravolebrities that support Trump so they wouldn't fire him for that, however they would hire him for bashing them on social media, which I think it was pretty obvious he knew that.

Southern Charm wrapped filming season 5 in late 2017 and is expected to return in Spring this year. Thomas filmed for the latest season but his Bravo season 6 contract could be up in the air after his latest series of drunken tweets!

Moral to the story: don't drink and tweet, kids!

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