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RHOA Recap: Hurricane Kenya

This episode was supersized due to it being the 200th episode but neither NeNe or Kim were even in it. How is NeNe getting paid the most when she appears in the least episodes? It doesn't make sense. Couldn't Bravo have done some last minute editing and made another episode be lucky 200, because this one was not worthy - until Kenya came up on the scene and taught everyone how to make a reality television show. After Hurricane Harvey, Porsha and Cynthia decided to help victims of the natural disaster. 50 Cynt and Go Naked were both holding seperate events in Houston and agreed that they would form a sisterhood and go to the other's event. They tried to round up their fellow peaches to head to Texas with them but due to everybody not liking Porsha, they all said no. NeNe, Kandi and Kenya all preferred to stay in Atlanta than carry their booties to Houston to help out Porsha's charity. Even Wig and The Bone Carrier couldn't come along and they are her "friends".

Back in Atlanta, Sheree was on the phone to her thirsty prison boo Tyronne and was spilling the tea about her beef with NeNe. The shady con artist tried to say that The Rich Bitch shouldn't be talking about him because she potentially tried to cheat on her husband with him. Hold up. First of all, this man is a convicted fraud, so I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of his felon mouth. Second, he claimed that NeNe tried to get with him when she was on Celebrity Apprentice which was in the period of time that she was no longer with Greg. I don't think that NeNe tried to sleep with his shady ass and even if she did, she wasn't married at that time. Sheree and her felon of a man are just being messy and definitely rehearsed their lines before the cameras went up. NeNe is gonna shut those rumours down as soon as that bone comes back to her.

Kandi was also dealing with some baby daddy drama. Her daughter Riley's dad Block just had another baby called King which just adds to the long list of boughetto names in that family. Block called trying to reconnect with his long lost daughter and she started crying as soon as the cameras were gone. Poor Riley. I think that Block is only coming around for some camera time but he might as well get a relationship with his daughter out of it. I feel bad for Riley because she's in a weird place. She's almost a grown adult and now her dad is reaching out to her after he abandoned her and started a new family? Kandi went over to establish a common ground with Block before he reached out to Riley again and they both agreed that he can't come around with that surprise pop up. I love it when divorced parents can put their mess aside and be grown for the sake of their children.

Over in Texas was where the drama was really doing down. Cynthia hosted her benefit event, Porsha and Shamea rekindled their friendship and everything was hunky dory until Miss Twirl landed in Texas to fuck shit up. The producers probably realised that this episode was turning into a total snooze fest so they called in Kenya to bring the drama. Cynthia's event was on the Friday and Porsha's was on Saturday but once Keyonce landed, she set up her own plans for Saturday and 50 Cynt followed her instead of going to Porsha's event.

While Porsha served food to the homeless and criedd about people potentially missing a hot meal, Kenya and Cynthia helped knock down hurricane affected houses. Shamea rocked up trying to chit chat and Miss Twirl was not having it. She was in work mode and wanted to fix the houses not listen to Shamea talk about nothing. I know Kenya was busy working but she was seriously running that site like a NAZI camp, I mean she didn't even let them stop for water!

After their day was done the gang decided to eat at a restaurant which looked exactly like OLG with their wooden walls. Kandi should trademark that! Porsha and her sister were mad that Cynthia ditched their event to go with Kenya. Miss Go Naked was pissed but 50 Cynt reminded her that she was lucky to even have come on the trip with her after all the ladies refused to. Bloop!

Kenya joined the girls and was already in a bad mood by the time she sat her ass down at the table. Shamea was still pissed off at how Kenya "dismissed" her when they were knocking down houses but Kenya was not here for this reach of a beef. I honestly think that Shamea needed some camera time and was trying to make a fight out of anything at this point. Kenya shadily ordered water while Shamea tried to speak to her. Miss Keyonce did apologise for the "dismissal" but Shamea kept on going. Cynthia chimed in and tried to show Kenya that people thought she was being rude and that was when she popped the hell off.

Miss Twirl ran into the bathroom with her producer and went off about being on this messy show with girls coming for her all the time. I was living when I heard Kenya slamming those bathroom stalls in her hot mic moment. After Kenya tried to rip her own microphone off, they sent Porsha in to try and speak to her. Did they really have to send her enemy street fighter in to try and have a conversation with her? As soon as Kenya saw the cameras through the door she flipped them off and told Porsha not to speak to her. She walked out of the restaurant and even dismissed Cynthia. I love how they broke the fourth wall because THIS is when it feels real.

I'm #TeamKenyaMooreDaly on this one. She moved mountains to try and be in Houston, she spent the whole day helping build houses and now a bitch is coming for her over stupid shit? I would have popped off in the bathroom too. I also think that this whole meltdown had A LOT to do with the constant prodding from production to include her husband on the show and this was her breaking point.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on our favourite Georgia peaches.

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