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Meghan King Edmonds Is Leaving RHOC

HURRAY! Now we won't have to sit through another season of baby dribble and mommy guilt.

Meghan King Edmonds has officially announced that she won't return for season 13 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The pregnant reality star is blaming her departure on the emotional stress that filming the show creates and her move back to St Louis with her husband.

In season 11 Meghan underwent IVF treatment and then looked after her newborn baby in season 12, so even though she wasn't the most dramatic cast member she did have a lot of stress to deal with. Meghan is currently pregnant with twin boys and is expecting to give birth in June.

Sources were claiming that production were annoyed when Meghan announced her second pregnancy at the reunion because that meant they had to bring her back. However she wrote that the reunion was when she decided to leave the show because she was only 5 weeks pregnant and already exhausted from the pressures of the show. All she had to do was sit on a couch all day so I don't understand how it could be that exhausting.

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Her husband Jimmy Edmonds is close friends with Andy Cohen, who are both St. Louis natives. Meghan apparently told Andy about her decision to leave and he was fine with it. Andy probably was relieved that Meghan left on her own so that he wouldn't have to fire his friend's wife. Come on, we all know Meghan only held that orange because Andy likes Jimmy!

This is the first casting announcement for the new season which means that filming is only around the corner and is slated to begin in February. Vicki, Tamra, Shannon and Kelly are all expected to return for the new season.

Check out Meghan's full announcement here!

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