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Shade of the Week: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has officially joined the second timer shade club and if anyone deserves to be the honoured shade of the week twice, it is definitely Miss Kylie.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner has been exploiting her hidden pregnancy for four months now and I am officially over her dumb cries for attention. The family originally used their baby boom to gain ratings for their show, but it's gone too far. They teased a two part Kardashian event "full of surprises" which immediately caused fans to think that it would include the announcement of Kylie and Khloe's pregnancies. Nope. Only Khloe's which we already knew because she announced it.

Let's not forget when they tortured us with 25 days of Christmas cards which was expected to end in Kylie's pregnancy reveal but instead left her out of the card completely and just made fans pissed. It's one thing for Kylie to keep us guessing with shady captions and baggy tops but stringing us along for 4 months is just annoying and so transparent.

The latest publicity stunt in Kylie's mysterious pregnancy is their Calvin Klein campaign, which shows all the sisters in sexy underwear except for Kylie who is hidden under a blanket. Are you fucking kidding me? Enough is enough. As soon as she pops that baby out people are going to come for her with pitchforks and knives because of her shady behaviour.

This bitch better be pregnant because she would look like a fucking idiot if she wasn't once this is over. How long can this even go on for? In theory this can only last up to 9 months but what if she just hides the baby in a tower somewhere until the Kardashians start loosing fame and then she can bring out the "hidden" Kardashian-Jenner to attract even more attention! Kris Jenner is shady like that.

I actually feeling sorry for Miss LipKit because it will be pretty sad in 20 years when she looks back on her first pregnancy that she had to hide the whole time. Wouldn't you want to be out and about, frolicking with your baby bump instead of hiding in your compound and getting into drag races with the paparazzi for a photo of your baby bump? Le sigh.

Kylie's due date is around the corner and then finally we can put this over extended Kardashian baby boom saga behind us!

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