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Lydia McLaughlin's Mom Judy Attacked Tamra Judge! Are They Feuding?

This is the most unexpected tea that I have come across in a long time.

Earlier this week there was a story going around the blogs claiming that Tamra Judge is getting her own spinoff about CUT Fitness, which I definitely think is fake news because Bravo already tried their hand at a reality show about trainers and it was an epic fail.

Well, Lydia McLaughlin's pot smoking mom Judy Stirling saw the article on Twitter and left a comment saying "Tamra is a witch." Did I miss something? By all accounts I thought that Tamra and Lydia were friends? Miss Judy surprised me with this beef!

The streets have been saying that Lydia and Peggy have been fired from RHOC so maybe Judy is trying to stir up a beef to get her family back on the show? Maybe Tamra stopped talking to them once they were fired and they got offended?

I don't know but I need answers people, because why is the woman who once thought she was a tree attacking people on Twitter? This shit doesn't make sense.

Also here's a picture of Tamra dressed as a witch, which should give you all the life you need! Maybe Judy was referring to that?!

What do you think about this bizarre tweet? Leave your theories in the comments!

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