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James Kennedy's Rumoured Gay Boyfriend Is Claiming He Broke His Nose

It looks like DJ James Kennedy and his rumoured gay boo Logan Noh had a lovers quarrel last night in WeHo.

Tamara Tattles is reporting that the two men are still in a serious relationship but James forced Logan to lie on TV and say that he made up that him and James were having sex, to save his brand. What the fuck is James' brand? Being a douche?

I just feel bad for Raquel because she is WAY too stupid to know what's going on. Actually I don't feel that bad.

Last night, two days after their relationship was revealed on Vanderpump Rules, they apparently had a fight at a WeHo hotspot and Logan (who's Instagram is flooded of photos with James) went on a social media rant, saying that:

"Mourning the loss of my friendship with James after he has proven himself to be a gross and terrible human being. He treats people like trash and physically assaults anyone that stand in his way. After he broke my nose tonight over nothing I have decided to end my friendship for good.”

He broke his nose? I didn't even think that James could break a birds nose, so this is an interesting development. We haven't seen the receipts of Logan in the hospital, so maybe he's making it up for attention? Who knows!

Also James being a terrible human being isn't news to anyone!

The posts have since been deleted but I don't think this will be the last that we see of the messy James and Logan show, the reunion is just around the corner!

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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